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Eco Sofas SofaSofa Montrose Eco Sofa. Montrose range, made in Britain by SofaSofa. Natural Fabrics. If you are really intent on keeping your environmental footprint to a minimum, why not consider locally produced natural fabrics such as Wool and Tweed? Many fabrics and leathers have to go through several chemical 

Here's Where You Can Buy a Couch Without Flame Retardants If you have a question about a product made prior to that date, ask in-store or call 800-944-2233. Buy it: Reid 86" Sofa in Basket Weave Fabric ($4,150.00–$5,200.00, La-Z-Boy All La-Z-Boy products made since October 1, 2014, are free of chemical flame retardants. That includes products made 

Eco Option - Empatika We can do all grades of Eco fitted furniture and can describe the environmental impact of each from just usual fitted units using waterbased paints to Earthborne and AURO's natural paints made of natural and plant based materials and from formaldehyde free MDF wood to formaldehyde free strawboard 

Chemical Free Flame Retardant Archives National Bed Federation BRANDS. Kozee Sleep Midlands, Shakespeare Beds. VIEW DETAILS. Millbrook Beds Ltd. TYPE. Approved Manufacturer. BRANDS. Millbrook Beds, The Handmade Bed Company. VIEW DETAILS. Shakespeare Beds Ltd. TYPE. Approved Manufacturer. BRANDS.

Help! We are looking for a 'non toxic' sofa Mumsnet Discussion inmysparetime Thu 15-Mar-12 16:40:41. I don't know about companies, but you could buy your sofa from a charity shop (British Heart Foundation have a furniture shop near me), that way you are supporting a charity instead of a sofa company, and ensuring a sofa gets a new home. The chemical nasties will still be there, but 

Eco homes: How to have a healthier home - Telegraph If you can't do without, then choose a 'chemical free' rug or carpet." He advises buying second-hand furniture, on which any chemicals used will have already leached out. Householders should Abaca Mattresses:, 01269 598491, from £135 for a cot mattress. Healthy for sales.

Can chemicals in sofas stop you getting pregnant? Daily Mail Online Everyday chemicals believed to cause infertility include phthalates, which are found in PVC flooring and shower curtains, and quaternary ammonium compounds, or 'quats', found in disinfectants and mouthwash. PFRs can be found in the foam inside sofas across Britain. They are also used in car seats.

Five Couches Without Fire Retardants You Can Buy Right Now EWG Room & Board led the pack on this issue by stopping the use chemical fire retardants in all their furniture in July of last year. According to its customer service representative, all its sofas are free of chemical flame retardants. The chain has hundreds of leather and fabric sofa options, many in the $1,000 to 

Ethical Interiors: Sitting comfortably? The Independent a par with ethics, concentrating their furniture's eco qualities beneath the surface. Beautiful woods, such as bamboo and coconut, reclaimed or from sustainable forests; biodegradable upholstery; eco-friendly Provista plastic; organic bedding; and chemical-free foam are some of the materials being used.

Chemicals in fire-resistant sofas could be linked to an increase in The researchers also found a link between cognitive defects in children who had been exposed to the chemical during pregnancy or before the age of four. He said: “The vast majority of UK have sofas and mattresses that will contain flame retardants such as this and their is clearly evidence that they are 

Made in Britain - Wesley-Barrell Wesley-Barrell handmade sofas are manufactured in Britain using traditional upholstery techniques, a choice of tailored options and fabrics.

Eco Sofa - Organic Friendly Feel-Good Furniture You can call us on 0115 978 6699 or email: At EcoSofas, we're master upholsterers specialising in creating beautiful, handcrafted sofas, natural fibre sofas, organic sofas, chairs and footstools. We use carefully sourced natural, sustainable and recycled materials to create eco friendly sofas and furniture 

Cottonsafe® - Naturally fire retardant, chemical free fabric. We have collaborated with one of Britain's leading cotton mills to produce a unique blend of natural fibres using the best organic cotton and natural lambswool. Our amazing Cottonsafe® fabric now passes the British Fire Regulations for bedding, upholstery and even contract use for hotels, and commercial buildings.

Flame retardants and Fabrics Adventures in Furniture Blog This often means that additional chemical treatments are used as fire retardants. All upholstered products in the UK have to meet the British standard fire regulations to ensure they comply with the law. Hammett sofa. What are the fire regulations in the UK? The 1988 Furniture and furnishing regulations (amended 1989 and 

The Best Places to Shop For Eco-Friendly Furniture - Cisco Home – Cisco can make anything in their line with completely natural, chemical free materials through their [Inside Green] ™ program. FSC woods, natural latex, jute, hemp, wool, goose feathers and down. Their natural materials are inherently flame retardant and hypo-allergenic. This means that 

How to Buy a Sofa without Toxic Flame Retardants ~ Eco-novice Because of this, I was hoping not to replace my sofas until new regulations were fully in effect and flame retardant-free sofas were readily available, identifiable, and affordable. No such luck for me! Fortunately, there are some helpful resources available to help you find furniture without flame retardants.