setback limits for decks

Minimum setback for decks - VBA The National Construction Code (NCC) 2015 Volume Two clarifies the minimum setback required for a deck from the property boundary. This clarification explains that an unroofed deck cannot encroach into the minimum 900mm setback required by the NCC, unless it is provided with some means of fire resistant.

What type of permit is required for sheds and - Town of Holly Springs What type of permit is required for sheds and other accessory structures? All accessory structures such as sheds, decks, patios, garages, driveway expansions, etc. are subject to setback, height, and size restrictions specified in the Town of Holly Springs Unified Development Ordinance in addition to North Carolina State 

Deck, Pool, and Patio Guide - Town of Vienna In RS-10, RS-12.5 and RS-16 residential zones decks must meet required setbacks. Decks must be at least 25 feet from the rear yard (Section 18-15). . DISTRICT. SETBACKS (in feet). MAXIMUM. HEIGHT. LIMIT. MAXIMUM. LOT. COVERAGE. FRONT. SIDE/CORNER. REAR. RS-10. A. Minimum of 50.

Building a Deck - (Article A porch or deck, located at and accessible from the first storey of the dwelling, inclusive of stairs, may encroach a maximum of 5.0 m into a required rear yard provided that the porch or deck shall have a minimum setback of 1.5 m to the rear lot line. For a lot with a dwelling requiring a 0.0 m interior side yard, 

Deck Zoning, Setbacks and Land Coverage Restrictions This can affect the size of the deck, shape and where on the property it can be built. Before planning a project, it's always a good idea to check with your local building or zoning department for the most up-to-date information regarding setbacks, land coverage restrictions and other requirements that pertain to deck projects.

17.624.050 Detached accessory structures. Minimum Setbacks. Maximum Lot Coverage. Max. Lot Coverage of Required Rear Yard. Minimum Distance from Main Building. Maximum Height. Driveway . No minimum setbacks are required for detached uncovered decks less than 30 inches in height, measured from the ground to the top of the deck. b. The following 

Decks (Uncovered Decks, Porches & Steps) - Snohomish County Decks (Uncovered. Decks, Porches &. Steps). Assistance Bulletin. #21. This bulletin is intended only as an information guide. The information may not be complete within incorporated city limits. A: Setback distances to property lines depend on the zoning for the property and if the property line is adjacent.

Frequently Asked Questions for Residential Projects - Mecklenburg Where the deck or steps is 30 inches or more above grade a guardrail is required. Call RTAC for more details. How high does my hand rail have to be? Hand railing on maximum of 38 inches and guardrails are a minimum 36 inches high. Do I need A building setback is the required distance that a building. (structure) 

Decks, Fences and Arbors for Single-Family Homes in - Decks. What type of permit do I need to build deck? Most decks on single-family zoned properties only require a subject-to-field-inspection (STFI) permit. We issue STFI permits over the Tip 220 explains yard limitations in single- family zones in greater . height limitations apply to the fence, as long as the fence is set back.

Building Codes for Garage Construction Decks on garage roofs are permitted (no aldermanic approval needed). Pergolas, arbors and trellises located on rooftops in R Districts are allowed to exceed the maximum building height, provided that: (a) on buildings less than 80 feet tall, they are set back at least 20 feet from the front building line, or in the case of comer 

Residential Building Guide - the Town of Kitty Hawk HEIGHT CERTIFICATION: Maximum height of structure is 35 feet or less measured from the average of the four corners of the structure at original grade. Cupolas, domes, ornamental towers, 2) Front Yard Setback: 4 feet of uncovered deck, including cantilevered decks, and steps. 3) In ground pools and aprons may 

Residential Decks - City of Overland Park, Kansas SETBACK EXCEPTIONS: • Decks with a maximum height of less than 30 inches may be as close as 3 feet to the rear property line, provided a platted building setback line, landscape or tree preservation easement is not encroached upon. • Open decks and porches may project 6 feet into the front or rear yard setback, 

Fences, Decks and Outdoor Projects - The City of Portland, Oregon A setback is the distance measured from your property line to a point inside the property creating a buffer inside your FENCES, DECKS AND OUTDOOR PROJECTS • 3. Setback. 36". It is recommended for fences 6' and taller, that posts be set no more than 6' apart and set in cement 18" in (See maximum height of zone.) 

Residential Setback Requirements Anne Arundel County, MD ZONING, FRONT, REAR, SIDES, CORNER SIDE LOT LINE, PRINCIPAL ARTERIAL, MAXIMUM HEIGHT. RA, 40', 35', 15' / 40' *, 40', 50', 45'. RLD***, 50, 40', 20' / 50' *, 40', 75', 45'. R1, 40', 35', 15' / 40' *, 40', 50', 45'. R2, 30', 25', 7', 20', 40', 35'. R5, 25', 20', 7', 20', 35', 35'. R10 **, See § 18 - 4 - 801. R15 **, 20', 30', 15' 

17.16.110 Setback measurements and permitted projections. A building feature that projects into a required setback allowed by subsection E of this section;. 2. A fence or wall eight feet or less in height above the grade of the site, when located outside of a front or street side setback;. 3. Decks, earthworks, steps, terraces, and other site design elements that are placed directly upon 

Setbacks and Building Heights Summit County, CO - Official Website Attached decks more than 18 inches above the ground, steps, cantilevers, eaves, roofs and other appurtenances must be included in the measurement of setbacks. Call or visit the Summit County Planning Department to verify setbacks and any special plat restrictions for your property. Lot lines are the legal boundaries of a