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green-buildings - Eurofins Scientific An overview of how products can show compliance with LEED and BREEAM was presented at the Greenbuild Europe / Mediterannean conference in October 2015, see the presentation. Eurofins supports manufacturers of construction and decorative products used indoors to achieve compliance.

Green building and wood - Wikipedia Green building results in structures that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout their lifecycle – from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. A 2009 report by the U.S. General Services Administration evaluated 12 sustainably designed GSA buildings, and 

Sustainable buildings - European Commission - Europa EU 2.3.3 Per unit environmental impacts of construction materials. 24. 2.3.4 Methodological limitations. 26. 2.3.5 Estimated impacts of material resource use. 29. 2.3.6 Comparison of impacts from production of materials and impacts from annual energy consumption of buildings. 32. 2.3.7 Embodied energy compared to energy 

Sustainable Construction Materials - Green Buildings - ECAT "Construction and use of our buildings in the EU influence 42% of our final energy consumption, about 35% of our greenhouse gas emissions, more than 50% of all extracted materials and 30% of our water consumption"; The sector further gives rise to about 35% of total generated waste. The massive resource use is 

Sustainable Construction GreenMatch Wood has always been extensively used for construction purposes, in particular in Northern Europe such as Scandinavian or Baltic countries. Timber is mainly used to build roofs, as it has a high strength for its weight. Thus it is a strong and flexible material, easily available and simple to use. Wood is often 

Green building – Ecological construction - Legrand These partisans of green building condemn the use of toxic substances in the industrial manufacture of construction materials. Experts in . These legal texts continue the enactment of the European Directive on Building Energy Performance in French law and the implementation of the Grenelle Environment round table 

Sustainable Cements for Green Buildings Construction - ScienceDirect Accordingly, the use of sustainable materials for green buildings construction is an important goal that must be reached in short times. Sustainable cements can be designed [9]: European standard EN 197-1 Composition, specifications and conformity criteria for common cements. Brussels:CEN; 2007. [10]. N.A. Madlool 

Green Building technologies business - insead propellants. Unfortunately, enforcement of energy standards is uneven and customers are highly price sensitive. 10%. 6%. 73%. North. America. Europe. 11%. Asia Green Building Value Chain. Material Acquisition. Components. Design. Construction / retrofitting. Facilities management. Construction. Waste Management.

The Role of Eco-Innovation for the Construction Sector in Europe construction sector: reducing resource use and re-using waste more effectively would significantly reduce the Total Material Requirement (TMR) of European societies. At the same time, there is also an economic incentive as using less material input can substantially lower costs. However, while ‗sustainable construction' is 

Green Building Materials '$254bn Annual Market by 2020 The worldwide market for green construction materials will grow from $116 billion in 2013 to greater than $254 billion in 2020, according to a report from Future market growth for green buildings and the use of green materials will be driven by a combination of policies and regulations that prioritize energy 

Wood is a sustainable construction material - Swedish Wood Miljöbyggnad does not take account of the construction materials' impact on the climate. Green Building is a European system that only takes account of energy consumption during the period that the building is in use. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an environmental certification system from the 

EU Sustainable Buildings Policy - UK Green Building Council What should new EU policy focus on? Areas highlighted by consultation respondents: • Material use for construction products. • Energy use for construction products. • Durability of construction products. • Deconstruction and recyclability. • Management of construction and demolition waste. • Flexibility of building design.

Building the future: Four innovation trends that are shaping green Europe's buildings are receiving an energy-efficiency makeover, and a host of innovative, green building technologies are the perfect tools for the job. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are another frequently used insulation option, partly because they can be integrated into a number of materials, 

The European construction sector - European Commission - Europa to resource use (energy, materials, water, and land use), while in others social inclusion and economic cohesion are the more determining factors. Sustainable buildings combine improved energy performance and reduced environmental impact throughout their life cycle. Their users enjoy better health and well-being and 

Green Buildings - SciChallenge "Green building" is an overarching concept of sustainable architecture and construction that can appear in various forms of expressions. Some experts focus on how to use only ecological and renewable material in construction, others focus on the importance of energy efficient buildings and others focus on how to cause as 

The importance of green building - Hrvatski savjet za zelenu gradnju Today, green building in Europe represents one of the most significant and most exciting opportunities for sustainable growth at both national and global level. reduced use of building materials, use of materials of higher quality and longevity, reduced construction waste production, including correct calculation of the