alternatives for landscape timbers

Landscape Timber Cherrytone (Common: 8 ft.; Actual: 96 in Use this Landscape Timber Cherrytone for landscaping and other outdoor projects. Offers natural styling and durable construction.

Landscaping with Railroad Ties HGTV Ties are being used indoors, as well – from reclaimed wood flooring to artsy fireplace mantels. Genuine railroad ties have had their share of PR problems, however, and you may wish to consider purchasing an alternative timber product instead of a used tie. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says that creosote, the 

Securing landscape timbers LawnSite I'm installing timbers, 4"x6" as a border to contain mulch for a swingset/playground area. Any ideas to secure it to the ground? I was thinking of using 30" pieces of galvanized pipes sledgehammered through pre-drilled holes. My only concern with that is how to make the tops of the pipes kid friendly?

What is a good alternative to pressure treated wood for raised I've seen people use regular untreated lumber (i.e. spruce/pine/fir) for raised beds. It lasts 3-4 years. If you are anywhere near a real lumberyard (not a big box store) or sawmill and you can get cheap, rough-cut, possibly second-quality boards, and you don't mind rebuilding beds every few years, it may be 

Smart Landscape Railroad Ties Idea — Bistrodre Porch and You can add ribbons flat. For circular landscape those court centerpieces, cut ribbons into smaller pieces making a neat circle. Another option is to cut ties in 2-foot and 2 1/2 feet. Digging holes in the ground and ties in so they face vertically. Alternative sizes slightly shifted. Just make sure you have at least 

Railroad Ties Landscaping: Everything You Need to Know If you decide to go for railroad ties landscaping, then you should be aware of the security measures you need to take. Whether we are talking about the original railroad ties or some timber alternatives, you need to secure them firmly in their place. Here you have some basic steps for doing that: Dig a Trench.

Inexpensive Landscape Borders - The Dollar Stretcher Many of these ideas use repurposed items that you can easily obtain for little or no cost to create beautiful, yet unique landscape and garden borders. Landscape Ties. Our local railroad office gives away the discarded crossties as they replace them, although they are very heavy to move. As a "thank you," we take the