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Top 5 Saturday: No-Fuss Outdoor Flooring for Decks and Balconies Incidentally, there's no reason why the these can't work for a deck or patio as well… Hardwood Tiles. hardwood tiles, Vanilla Wood Floors. These are perhaps my fave option (should have saved them for last.) You can find them in a variety of woods — the pictured above is a Brazilian walnut — which 

8 Materials That are Used for Balcony Floors Renovation Quotes As a result, they are portable and an ideal option for apartments! Further, they can be installed over any type of base, including pre-existing wood and concrete balconies. The tiles themselves will be raised off the floor slightly, which will help to preserve the original material of your balcony. However, bear in mind that they 

Balcony Wood Flooring Options And Prices - Wood and Beyond Blog If you live in an apartment or house that has a balcony, you have a real advantage over anyone who has no outside space at all. And it's amazing how, with a bit of planning, you can get a whole lot of value from even the smallest of balconies. That said, no matter whether eating outside or creating a 

5 Tips For Choosing Flooring For Condo Balconies - KANDY Outdoor The old adage that “you get what you pay for” is true, but even on a tight budget you can find options to dramatically improve the look and feel of your condo The downside of these types of flooring for condo balconies is that they hold water, meaning the concrete stays wet for longer periods of time.

Balcony Flooring LoveToKnow Includes: what is a balcony?, types of balcony flooring, and coordinating your balcony and your home. If you plan on using your balcony for more than decoration, make sure your balcony flooring is made to stand up to the elements. The choice of Vinyl deck tiles are another option that can be used on balcony floors.

What Are the Different Types of Balcony Flooring? - wiseGEEK Some balconies are made of woods that do not require additional covering, though a homeowner may choose to cover the wood for added comfort, resistance to weather damage, and aesthetic value. Concrete balconies are more commonly covered to improve aesthetics, and the options for balcony flooring will vary.

Flooring Options for Exterior Balcony Designs DoItYourself.com In addition to your hard surface options, you can also install indoor outdoor carpet on a balcony. This provides you with a softer and quieter flooring option as compared to tile. They make indoor outdoor carpet in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. They have completely flat, soft carpet and also carpet with coarse ridges.

Outdoor Flooring Options for Singapore Balconies and Balcony We discuss the pros and cons of each type of flooring so that you can make a considered decision when renovating your balcony for your new home. We know some homeowners are tempted to leave the balcony with balcony planters in the original condition from the developer but with so many beautiful