duties on plastic products phased out by 1998

Theoretical Framework for Plastic Waste Management in Ghana The task force was gradually phased out due to financial reasons. As the task force was phased out, the government co threatened to ban plastic waste generating products which led to the birth of Accra Plastic Waste Management Project by the private sector, mainly consisting of sachet water producers 

Influence of duty factor on the die-sinking Electrical Discharge Klocke (1998) points out that nowadays the combination of high-speed milling and electrical discharge machining (EDM) operations provides one of the most asserts that high-strength aluminium alloys have been widely used as material for prototyping tools and for molding short and medium batches of plastic products.

Handbook on Importing to and Exporting - Embassy of Kenya those that intend to or are already importing into and exporting out of. Kenya. The demands of the .. A specific duty levied for the purposes of offsetting a subsidy bestowed directly or indirectly upon the manufacture, production or export of a product. (xv) . in Kenya has been phased out since July 1, 2005. KEBS has taken 

Evasion of Excise Duties in India Study of Plastics - NIPFP per cent ot the total Central excise revenue. With the growth of the plastics industry in the country and increasing use of plastic products for a variety of purposes, the revenue from plastics has increased and for the year 1982-83, stood at Rs. 1_42 crore, out of a total Central excise revenue of Rs 8302 crore, forming about 1.7 

Exporting plastic parts and components to Europe 1 . Product - CBI Product description. 1. Which European markets offer opportunities for exporters of plastic parts and. 2. components? What trends offer opportunities on the . Import duties. For plastic parts and components, a 6.5% duty is levied on European imports from countries outside Europe, including China. Several countries benefit 

Unclassified ENV/EPOC/PPC(97)21/REV2 - OECD.org ENVIRONMENT POLICY COMMITTEE. Group on Pollution Prevention and Control. EXTENDED PRODUCER RESPONSIBILITY. PHASE 2. CASE STUDY ON Plastic. Composite. Source: Geschäftsbericht 1994, Duales System Deutschland. Quotas for 1996 and 1998 are outlined in the proposed amendments to the 

report no.377 application for an increase in duty on aluminium - Itac PRODUCTS. Synopsis. The Commission considered an application by Hulamin Operations (Pty) Ltd for an increase in duty on aluminium rolled products. phase-out of the general rate of ordinary customs duties applicable to aluminium rolled products of tariff headings plastics (excluding non-slip flooring with patterns in 

RESTRICTEDCode - Caribbean Trade Reference Centre In 1995, a schedule for phasing out duties on a group of products included in the Seventh Schedule (bovine meat, milk, some vegetables and fruit) was set out. For meat and milk, surcharges were to be eliminated by 1998; for vegetables and fruit, surcharges, levied at either 5 or 15%, are to be eliminated by 1999.[13] (Table 

Tax incentives in India - EY The following products are not eligible for deduction in respect of direct tax incentives: excise duty payable on specified value addition for 10 consecutive years. ▻. Tobacco and manufactured tobacco products. ▻. Pan masala. ▻. Plastic carry bags. ▻ SEZ units eligible for a 15-year tax holiday (in a phased manner –.

WT/TPR/S/42 - Caribbean Trade Reference Centre Under the CARICOM/Colombia Agreement, Jamaica (as a medium-development country) will grant duty-free access as of 1 June 1998 to a number of products originating in Colombia, and phased duty reductions on another group of products from 1 January 1999 until 1 January 2002. Goods granted duty-free access on 1 

Advice Concerning the Proposed Expansion of the - USITC Paper, metal, plastic and other inputs for inclusion in the ITA-II process . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-9 agreed that consultations on additional product coverage would begin on October 1, 1997, finish in 1998, and .. Canada began to phase out duties under the United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement and completed the. 11.

Report by the Secretariat - World Trade Organization Goods granted duty-free access in 1998 included various products considered as non-competing inputs or non-competing capital goods in Jamaica's Tariff .. The quota will end in 2006, by when CFC consumption should be phased out; it has been reduced gradually from 96 metric tonnes for July 1999 to June 2000 to 

Malaysia 3) Filament products. While most of the filament products are free from import duties in Malaysia, some of the yarns such as artificial filament yarn, nylon The Customs(Prohibition of Imports) Order 1998 contains four schedules of items . production overcapacity is overcome;(6) phasing out the current system of.

CETA-final-negotiated-outcomes - italaw 98% of EU tariff lines set at 0% at entry into force. • 99% of EU tariffs agricultural products. ▫ Industrial goods: 99.3% of tariff lines duty-free immediately at entry into force. • 100% of tariff lines will be duty-free seven years after entry into force . Canada: duties currently at 6.1%, seven-year phase-out on most sensitive lines.

Industry Profile for the Canadian plastic products industry In the area of tariffs and international trade agreements, duties on resins of U.S. origin were phased out by 1993, and duties on plastic products were phased out by 1998. This contributed to a more competitive cost structure in Canada. Under the NAFTA , tariffs between Canada and Mexico were eliminated in 2003.

Customs & Excise Duty Regulations - WIPO payment of duty. 23. Clearance and removal of goods from customs and excise warehouses for home consumption. 24. Clearance and removal of goods person shall be entitled to a refund of duty arising out of any such transfer. Artificial resins and plastics materials, cellulose esters and ethers, and.