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Painting or Staining a Wooden Deck Fix.com Paint has quite a few benefits over the other finish options such as stain or sealer, but it may not be for you if you want a natural looking wood deck. Here are the pros and cons of painting your outside deck: Painting allows you to use any color you want. Because paint is solid, you can completely cover an 

Swimming Pool Decks: Inground Pool Options We may end up doing both, using tile coping and stamp concrete for the deck. Maybe this blog post will help my wife and I decide which type of swimming pool deck to install around our new pool. Sure, we could've made this decision earlier, but if you ask my wife, she'll tell you that it's not just a pool deck 

5 Ways to Avoid Costly Pool Cover Repair - Specialty Pool Products Winter pool covers do a big job. They keep your pool protected through rain, sleet, snow, and dark of night - all winter long. And although we have pool covers in all price ranges, a winter pool cover can be a small investment. What can you do to protect your pool cover investment, and avoid costly pool 

Swimming Pool Grating - Natare - Natare Corporation Natare Grating: PVC Pool Grating, Stainless Steel Pool Grating and Swimming Pool Overflow Grating. It will not rot, discolor or delaminate. Even repeated Deck Storage Boxes Movable Floor Surface Gutter Grating Access Ramps Hydraulic Diffusion Grates Deck Drain Covers. Backwash Pit Covers Pump Pit Covers

What Is Dry Rot Preventing Dry Rotting Decks - HomeAdvisor.com Dry rot is a tricky foe to fight. Even its name is deceiving since it's not dried at all but, in fact, occurs due to excess moisture. But what exactly is it? Actually, it is a fungus which can cause mildew, mold, staining, or decay in wood. Micro-organisms remove cellulose from the timber, leaving it brittle and vulnerable. And like any 

My Deck Is Rotting! What Do I Do? Wood Deck Repair in Columbus It is not indestructible, however, and you may find your beautiful wood deck is beginning to succumb to rot. It is time to Standing water – If your deck is slightly slanted, water can pool in one spot. The longer the If you have no rot, we can help you put in place measures that will prevent needing rot repair in the near future.

How to Install Pool Safety Cover Anchors InTheSwim Pool Blog Our blog today is not about How to Install a Safety Cover, we've covered that before, here. We've also covered brass anchor problems that a safety pool cover owner may encounter…here. Today we look at the finer details of installing new deck anchors; in wood, concrete and paver pool decks, or directly 

How to Seal a Pool Deck Home Guides SF Gate The two elements that cause the most damage to a wooden deck, whether it is around a house or pool, are sun and water. A pool 3. Cover the pool to assure no cleaning runoff or sealer enters the water while you work. Push the sealer between gaps on all boards to coat the sides and prevent wood rotting in the joints.

Above Ground Pool Deck Repair DoItYourself.com The following article will cover some of the more common problems you may face when setting out to repair your pool deck. Pry them from the deck and measure floorboards that are not warped. Use those The water, chemicals and elements can cause untreated wood to not only bow and warp but to also rot.

How to Restore & Maintain a Wood Deck - HomeTips More extensive rot calls for a replacement board. Use a flat pry bar to carefully remove rotten boards. Replace them with rot-resistant wood. If nails or boards are popping up or coming loose, do not pound the old nails down again; remove them and replace them with longer nails, special decking nails, 

Flou Sitzberger Home decor Pinterest Backyard, Gardens and Explore Pool Decks, Small Pool Backyard, and more! .. I like the idea of the pool at a different height to the courtyard to create some visual interest; explore whether, if the pool is set high enough, you would not need a . Deck Design Idea – This Raised Wood Deck Is Actually A Sliding Pool Cover CONTEMPORIST.