teak and holly vinyl floor

Teak & Holly Sole-Welcome Aboard Teak & Holly Vinyl Sole Nothing is more nautical than a teak & holly sole. The real thing is slippery, hard to install, scratches easily and requires constant effort to maintain. This flooring is designed for commercial high traffic applications, such as, offices, stores, schools and public places. So you know it's durable and 

Teak and Holly Installation Guide - cloudfront.net Teak and Holly Installation Guide. Note: The amount of open time over an existing resilient floor, plan the layout so the new seams do not coincide with seams or joints of the exist- ing installation. Recommended A template paper or pattern is essential for accurately cutting your vinyl floor. Craft paper or butcher's paper.

Teak & Holly 2AH370 KR Flooring Product Description. Teak & Holly 6 cm wide plank, 1.8m wide 2m-wide-vinyl. Additional Information. Vinyl Width. 2m Wide Vinyl. Vinyl Colour. Woodgrain Vinyl. Vinyl Price. $51+. Contact Info. Physical Address 721 Dominion Road Balmoral, Auckland 1342. New Zealand. Postal Address PO Box 96041. Balmoral, Auckland 

Services Converta-Boat International Exterior upholstery including sun pads, cockpit seating, and carpet. – Marina services for labour projects on boats too large for transportation. – Repair, cleaning, and waterproofing services. – Supplies including fasteners, fittings, zippers, carpet, foam, upholstery vinyl's, materials, tubing, starboard, teak & holly flooring, and 

Lonwood Teak and Holly - The Mat King Impression Flooring - Lonwood Teak and Holly Vinyl flooring with the realistic appearance of wood. Lonwood Teak and Holly - Artfully blending the distinguished look of teak and holly strip-wood decks with the superior durability of Lonseal's resilient sheet, Lonwood Teak & Holly brings elegant wood-grain aesthetics to your 

Teak and Holly Tongue and Groove Flooring I.D. + Architecture www.boatpartsandsupplies.com/boatfloorcoveringoptions.php has some info on the various types of boat flooring. See More. create the look of shiplap using peel and stick vinyl flooring!