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Composite & Plastic Decking - Building Advisor Within a few years, homeowners discovered that composites weathered under sunlight, got stained by cooking oil, sunscreen, or tree sap, and could grow mildew (plastic decking) and just about all major manufacturers for fading, color change, mold growth, surface deterioration, and in some cases structural decay.

Financing Your Deck: FAQs Even so, all early generation wood-plastic composites, whether or a competitor's product, were not stain, scratch or mold-free, and did fade slightly in color as they naturally weathered. Will products weather (change color/fade)?; Does decking get hotter than pressure-treated wood under the sun?

The Blog - 5 Ways Outdecks PVC - Decking High-performance composite boards hold strong against natural elements; they resist fading from the sun and won't get moldy after a rainstorm or give you splinters. Compared to Unlike PVC, composite decking has a matte finish that resembles real wood, not the slick look of plastic. In fact, our 

Bewaire of decking staining and fading . - Professional Re: Bewaire of decking staining and fading . I'd like to add that most composite and PVC makers have changed their marketing to reflect low maintenance as opposed to maintenance free. Please also remember not to pressure wash plastic products, especially PE boards with wood fiber because 

PVC Plastic Decking Boards - Free Expert Guide Decking Hero™ Unlike wood, plastics don't rot & aren't attractive feeding grounds for mold & fungus spores. They're also resistant to insects & won't split or warp under extreme weather conditions like wooden structures. Similarly, they are protected against UV exposure which helps to limit any fading or loss of colour. This means that these 

Questions and Answers on ModWood » ModWood Please note however UV stabilisation is of the plastic component of the product only and does not have a great affect on the fading characteristics, see above. or wire-brushed out; Less colour shift/fade over time - apart from embossing lines fading; A more durable finish; suitable for under roof and fully exposed deck 

High-Tech Decks This Old House For all the lounging done on them, wood decks require a lot of work to maintain. They have to be cleaned frequently. When paint or stain fades and chalks because of the weather, they need to be recoated. Eventually, as sun and rain cause the wood to crack, splinter, and rot, boards will have to be torn up and replaced.

Does Composite Decking Fade? – EnviroBuild Hyperion Frontier deck boards are engineered with plastic coating around the edge of the board, sometimes called a 'capping' This plastic coating ensures that the After the natural process of extractive bleeding the boards are then subject to standard weathering, primarily from the UV rays of the sun.

PVC Decking Plastic Decking Capped Polymer Decking AZEK Interact with the time-lapse animation below to see how AZEK decking stands up to traditional wood planks over time. Slide to see a comparison of the effects on weather and wear of AZEK Deck and wood over time. Stands up to harsh weather; Resists mold, mildew, & moisture damage; Resists stains, scratches, & fading 

Composite or PVC: Which One is Best? EcoBuilding Pulse But then try asking them to explain what makes one brand's wood-plastic composite (WPC) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking or trim different from another. . you need to examine your additives–the chemicals that make trim whiter, deckboards stiffer, cores less (or more) foamy, and surfaces less likely to fade in the sun or 

Ecodeck : Common Problems in Composite Decking & Their Solutions It was observed that the latest produced of composite decks were more plastic-looking than wood-looking. Some consumers complain that they were not scratch-proof and mould-resistant and that they faded very quickly. With the introduction of anti-UV technology, fading in sunlight will be lessened.